Baby Shampoo Cap Blue

  • BABS01P

    Baby Shampoo Cap Pink

  • BANC03

    Comfort Arm Sling 1.8 mtr w/Fasteners

  • BANT02

    Triangular Bandage 110 x 110 x155cm

  • BATH01

    Massage/Exfoliating Glove xPr

  • BATH01A

    Massage/Exfoliating Glove xPr Unit x15

  • BATH02

    Mesh Bath Sponge

  • BATH03

    Nail Brush Dble Bristle

  • BATH07

    Toothbrush & Toothpaste Box

  • BATH08

    Soap Box

  • BATH09

    Toothbrush Box

  • BATH12

    1/2oz (20mls) Cream Jar

  • BATH13

    1.5oz (35mls) Cream Jar

  • BATH14

    5oz (130mls) Lotion Bottle

  • BATH15

    2oz (55mls) Lotion Bottle

  • BATH16

    4oz (100mls) Lotion Bottle

  • BATH17

    2oz (70mls) Spray Bottle

  • BATH18

    Relaxing Eyemask

  • BATH19

    Nail Brush W/Handle

  • BATH20

    Assorted Container Drum x40

  • BATH21

    12oz (350mls) Spray Bottle

  • BATH22

    Mesh Sponge Drum x15

  • BATH23

    Oval Shaped Bath Sponge

  • BATH25

    Toothbrush & Toothpaste Box Drum x12

  • BATH26

    Soap Box Drum x12

  • BATH27

    Toothbrush Box Drum x16

  • BATH29

    Silicone Travel Bottles 60ml

  • BATH30

    Silicone Travel Bottles 80ml

  • BATH31

    Nail Brush Drum x24

  • BATH34 

    Travel Bottle Set 7 Pk   

  • BATH35

    100ml Clear Pump Lotion Bottle

  • BATH36

    100ml Clear Lotion Bottle

  • BATH37

    60ml Clear Lotion Bottle w/Flip Cap

  • BATH38

    32ml Clear Lotion Bottle 2 Pack

  • BATH39

    35ml Clear Cream Jar

  • BATH40

    Bemed Loofah Bath Mitt

  • BATH41

    Bemed Dbl Sided Natural Bristle Nail Brush

  • BATH41A

    Bemed Dbl Sided Natural Bristle Nail Brush Unit x12

  • BATH42

    Bemed Natural Bristle Wooden Back Brush

  • BATH43

    Bemed Natural Loofah Back Brush

  • BATH44

    Bemed Loofah Back Strap

  • BATH46

    Bemed Bath Brush Plastic 35cm

  • BATH47

    Bemed Mesh Sponge Brush

  • COLF1

    Foam Collar Sml

  • COLF2

    Foam Collar Med

  • COLF3

    Foam Collar Lrg

  • COMN01

    Black Nit Comb x32

  • COMN02

    Fluro Nit Comb x32

  • DENT14

    Travel Toothbrush/ Toothpaste Set x Each

  • DENT15

    Travel Toothbrush/ Toothpaste Set Unit x50

  • DISCM05

    Cylindrical Measure 100ml

  • DISL1

    Litmus Paper Red 8 Books of 25 (200)

  • DISL2

    Litmus Paper Blue

  • DISL3

    Universal Indicator Paper x100 Strips

  • DISMP100

    M&P Porcelain 100mm

  • DISMP130

    M&P Porcelain 130mm

  • EAR01

    SHUSH!!! Ear Plugs Foam Mouldable xPr

  • EAR04

    SHUSH!!! Ear Plugs Foam Mouldable x100 Display Box

  • EAR15

    Grn/Gold Ear Plugs xEa

  • EAR18

    Grn/Gold Ear Plugs Drum x100

  • EAR20

    SHUSH!!! Ear Plugs Foam Mouldable x 2Pr

  • EAR21

    SHUSH!!! Ear Plugs Foam Mouldable x 5Pr

  • EAR24

    SPLASH!!! Swim Ear Plugs Silicone Adult x 2Pr

  • EAR25

    SPLASH!!! Swim Ear Plugs Silicone Adult x 1Pr

  • EAR26

    SPLASH!!! Swim Ear Plugs Silicone Kids x 3Pr

  • EARE20

    BeMed Ear Cleaner Unit x12

  • EYEB1

    Eye Bath x12

  • EYED1

    Eye Dropper Glass Plain

  • EYED2

    Eye Dropper Glass Graduated

  • EYEP2

    Eye Patch Soft x5

  • FERC1

    Crutch 1′ 25mm Grey xPr

  • FERC2

    Crutch 3/4′ 19mm Grey xPr

  • FERC3

    Crutch 7/8′ 22mm Grey xPr

  • FERC4

    Crutch 7/8′ 22mm Tan xPr

  • FERW1

    Walk Tip Black 7/8′ 22mm xPr

  • FERW3

    Walk Tip Black 3/4′ 19mm xPr

  • FERW4

    Walk Tip Grey 1/2′ 13mm xPr

  • FERW5

    Walk Tip 5 Legs 19mm Black

  • FERW7

    Walk Tip Grey 5/8′ 16mm xPr

  • FERW8

    Walk Tip Black Fits 1048 Cane xPr

  • FERW9

    Walk Tip Brown Fits 1048 & 1050 Canes

  • FINC01

    Finger Cots Assorted x32

  • FINL01

    Leather Stall Sml

  • FINL02

    Leather Stall Med

  • FINL03

    Leather Stall Lrg

  • FINL05

    Leather Stall Assorted x12

  • FINLO4

    Leather Stall X-Lrg

  • FINR01

    Fingerstalls Rubber 1 Size Fits All x5

  • GLAC01

    Glasses Cord Black x2

  • GLAC05

    Glasses Chains x12 – Gold/Silver/Black

  • GLAL01

    Lens Cleaner 30ml x9

  • GLAS01

    Reading Glasses SOS 1.5

  • GLAS02

    Reading Glasses SOS 2.0

  • GLAS03

    Reading Glasses SOS Unit x15 (8 x 1.5/ 7 x 2.0)

  • GLOC04

    Cotton Glove Sml xPr

  • GLOC05

    Cotton Glove Med xPr

  • GLOC06

    Cotton Glove Lrg xPr

  • GLOC07

    Cotton Glove X- Lrg xPr

  • HC01

    Hot Cold Pack 25cm x 13cm Standard

  • HC02

    Hot Cold Pack 27cm x 18cm Large

  • HC04

    Hot Cold Pack Red Gel 26cm x 12cm xEach

  • HC05

    Hot Cold Pack Red Gel 26cm x 12cm Unit x12

  • HC07

    Hot Cold Pack Blue Gel 32cm x 15cm Unit x12

  • HC19

    Silicone Beads Heat Pack Corduroy 18cm x 19cm

  • HC21

    Silicone Beads Heat Pack Corduroy 30cm x 25cm

  • HC22

    Silicone Beads Heat Pack Corduroy 36cm x 16cm

  • HYGA1

    Air Cushion 40cm

  • HYGA2

    Air Cushion 45cm

  • HYGB1

    Breast Pump Glass

  • HYGBP1

    Bedpan Regular

  • HYGE1

    Ear Syringe Sml 50ml

  • HYGE2

    Ear Syringe Med 75ml

  • HYGE3

    Ear Syringe Lrg 100ml

  • HYGE4

    Enema Higginson Syringe

  • HYGR1

    Rectal Syringe Sml 25ml

  • HYGR2

    Rectal Syringe Med 64ml

  • HYGR3

    Rectal Syringe Lrg 114ml

  • HYGU1

    Urinal Male W/Lid

  • HYGU3

    Urinal Female

  • HYGW1

    Vaginal Syringe/Whirling Spray

  • INVS20

    Jumbo Shoe Horn

  • MAGM01

    Magnifying Glass 5cm Diameter

  • MAGM02

    Magnifying Glass 7.5cm Diameter

  • MAGM03

    Magnifying Glass 10cm Diameter

  • PAN01

    Lady Pants Disposable x5 Medium 10/12

  • PAN02

    Lady Pants Disposable x5 Large 12/14

  • PAN03

    Lady Pants Disposable x5 X-Large 14/16

  • PILL097

    Removable Pill Dispenser

  • PILL110

    Weekly Pill Dispenser

  • PILL351

    Round Pill Dispenser

  • PILL409

    7 Day Pill Dispenser

  • PILL410

    AM/PM 7 Day Pill Dispenser

  • PILL411A

    Pill Cutter

  • PILL411B

    Clear Pill Cutter

  • PILL448B

    Small 7 Day Pill Dispenser

  • PILL448C

    Medium 7 Day Pill Dispenser

  • PILL448D

    Large 7 Day Pill Dispenser

  • PILL459

    Metal Pill Dispenser

  • PILL474B

    Easy Release AM/PM Daily Pill Dispenser

  • PILL476A

    Pill Pod

  • SC01

    Shower Cap Plain

  • SC01A

    Shower Cap Plain Unit x12

  • SC02

    Shower Cap Pattern

  • SC02A

    Shower Cap Pattern Unit x 12

  • SC05

    Shower Cap Cotton Lining

  • SCAD10

    #10 Scalpel Disposable

  • SCAD20

    #20 Scalpel Disposable

  • SCAD21

    #21 Scalpel Disposable

  • SCAD23

    #23 Scalpel Disposable

  • SCAD24

    #24 Scalpel Disposable

  • SUNF01

    Flossing Toothpick 50’s

  • SUNH01

    Coronation HWB 2Ltr

  • SUNH02

    Deluxe Plush Cover Leopard

  • SUNH03

    Deluxe Plush Cover Cream w/Pom Poms

  • SUNH04

    Deluxe Plush Cover White Hearts

  • SUNH05

    Deluxe Plush Cover Blk/ White Checks

  • SUNH07

    Fleece Cover Blk/Blue Checks

  • SUNH08B

    Fleece Cover Blue Dots

  • SUNH08O

    Fleece Cover Orange Dots

  • SUNH08P

    Fleece Cover Purple Dots


    Ice Bag 28cm

  • SUNIT01

    Ice Towel x12

  • SUNM01

    Massage Pillow

  • SUNM09

    Mat Bath White 68cm x 38cm

  • SUNM12

    Mat Shower 50cm x 50cm

  • SUNM14

    Red Line Medicine Measure x24

  • SUNM19

    Medicine Measure 30ml Pkt 100

  • SUNP10

    Pumice Stone Smoothing

  • SUNP10A

    Pumice Stone Smoothing Unit x12

  • SUNR01

    Raincoat/Poncho with Hood

  • SUNS14

    Sleeping Mask Black

  • SUNS15

    Specimen Container x12

  • SUNS19

    Sponge Cosmetic xEa Natural

  • SUNS21

    Sponge Cosmetic x25

  • SUP4015A

    Pouch Arm Sling Adult Blue

  • SUP4015C

    Pouch Arm Sling Child Blue

  • SUP8913A

    Mesh Arm Sling Adult

  • SUP8913C

    Mesh Arm Sling Child

  • SUP8913T

    Mesh Arm Sling Toddler

  • THEF1

    Flat Thermometer Blister

  • VOM01

    Vomit Bag 1500ml x3 Box of 6

  • WHSP01

    Bolt/Screw for Footplate Tightening

  • WHSP02

    Slide Black Pce

  • WHSP03

    Inner Tube for Tyre 24

  • WHSP05

    24′ Metal Wheel Tyre Tube

  • WHSP06

    Tyre Only

  • WHSP07

    Back Rests

  • WHSP08


  • WHSP09

    Arm Rest xEa

  • WHSP10

    Stainless Steel Side Panel xEa

  • WHSP11

    Footrest Fixed xEa

  • WHSP12

    Front Wheel 8′ xEa

  • WP02

    Wetpack Small PVC

  • WP03

    Wet Pack Large PVC

  • WS28

    Cane Holder

  • WS29

    Cane Wrist Strap

  • WS43

    W/Stick Adjustable Blue Floral

  • WS44

    W/Stick Adjustable Black Floral

  • WS45

    W/Stick Adjustable Red Floral

  • WS46

    W/Stick Adjustable Purple Floral

  • WSF28

    W/Stick Folding 33′- 37′ Black Tropical

  • WSF29

    W/Stick Folding 33′- 37′ Red with White Dot

  • WSF30

    W/Stick Folding 33′- 37′ Green Paisley

  • WSF31

    W/Stick Folding 33′- 37′ Animal Print